FSTR Impact Factor:
FSTR has an impact factor of 0.553 in 2019 (5 year Impact Factor=0.749). The impact factor has increased over the last three years, as shown below.

Year Journal Impact Factor 5 Year Impact Factor
2019 0.553 0.749
2018 0.448 0.675
2017 0.379 0.593



Foreign authors of articles submitted in January 2019 or later must pay US$200 (US$100 in the least developed countries) for the publication fee.The reason is that the number of submitted articles from abroad has increased greatly from year to year, so the burden of publishing expenses of FSTR journal is increasing. In order to keep the publication of the FSTR journal financially sound in the future, it is necessary to raise the publication fee. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
The least developed countries

Publication fee for Japanese people

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